International brands using Agile Research Room

How it works

Ask a question about your concept, design or working product.
Respodents get notified about your question through Facebook Messenger.
You receive over a dozen opinions in just 1 h!
Your respondents get rewards for quick and valuable answers.


Easy respondents recruitment

Use invitation link or invitation popup to populate your research room in a couple of minutes.

Facebook Messenger notifications

Respoteam™ notifies respondents about new discussions using Facebook Messenger. This way you receive quick feedback if respondents are currently at home, at work or shopping.

Embedded gamification scheme

Respondents receive points for quick and valuable answers. This way we stimulate high quality reactions.

Flexibility at different project stages

Get valuable insights exploring respondents' attidutes with open-ended questions or get quick verification with close-ended questions.

Instant reporting

Images and videos can be used to illustrate questions and responses. Beatiful visuals are generated automatically to summarize research results.

Automatic incentives scheme

Respondents participation is incentivised with Amazon vouchers, distributed automatically. Respoteam™ does the job so you can focus on research.


Case study

New registration process designed and tested in 1 week. Read the Fitatu case study.


Moderators 3
Projects unlimited
Messenger notifications
Browser notifications
Automatic reports
Incentives for respondents